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Online Math Test

Fall 2021 Semester

The Online Mathematics Evaluation will be available for students commencing their studies in Fall 2021 from TBD.

What is the Online Math Test?

First-year students arrive at Queens College with a wide range of mathematics preparation. It is important that you begin your Queens College experience in the appropriate mathematics course.

General Admission Students will be required to complete the online exam before you can meet with a Queens College advisor and select your courses.

Review sample questions

  • The exam is a 40-question multiple-choice exam
  • The exam covers topics from algebra and pre-calculus
  • Calculator use is not allowed on the exam

Exam Information

It is important that you plan on taking your placement exam as soon as possible so that we have time to receive your results and prepare your schedule.

  • The placement evaluation is a timed exam
  • You will have 80 minutes to complete the exam
  • You have only one opportunity to take it online
  • Once you have begun to take the exam, you must complete it
  • You cannot stop and restart it at a later date

At the end of this brief overview, you will be provided with a link to the website to begin your exam. Please read all instructions before you begin to ensure your exam is taken and submitted with no errors.


Before you begin taking the exam you will need to know your GSSP ID #

Your GSSP ID # is a 7-digit number that can be found on your Queens College Acceptance Letter.

Welcome Math Test

Logging in to the Placement Exam

The link to the exam will be provided below. Please take a moment to review these steps prior to starting. This will ensure there is little confusion while taking the test and allow for a stress-free experience.

The first screen you will see will be for your log-in information.

Math Test Welcome

User login: Your GSSP ID # (see instructions above on how to look this up if you have not already).

Password: Your Birthday (M/D/YYY)

Example: If your birthdate is March 2, 1994, your password would be: 3/2/1994

Or if your birthdate is December 19, 1990, your password would be: 12/19/1990

Once logged in you will see the following, click ‘Disable All Tours”

Log In_Queens

Click on the link ‘Math Placement Testing’

Math Placement TEsting

Under the ‘Default Unit’ section click on ‘Start’ for Queens GSSP Mathematics Evaluation

Default Unit

Before you click on the link Queens College GSSP Mathematics Evaluation and start the exam it is important to remember the following:

No calculators are allowed during the exam

  • This is a timed exam
  • You will have 80 minutes to complete the exam
  • You only have one opportunity to take this exam online
  • Once you are completed there is no way to retake again

With that in mind, you are now ready for the final step. Click on the link Queens College GSSP Mathematics Evaluation to start the test.

Final Step

Below is an example of how the questions will look on the test.

Once you have selected your answer, you move to the next questions by clicking “Next”. (Bottom right of the page).

NOTE: Do not select “Next” until you are certain about your answer. You are NOT permitted to go “Back” to a previous question

Next Question

You will see your remaining time listed at the top right of the page. Remember you only have 80 minutes (1hour & 20 minutes) to complete the exam.

Time Remaining

Continue to answer all 40 questions on the test.

On the last question, the Next button will no longer work. At this point, in order to submit your test for grading, you must click on the Submit Assignment button at the bottom.

Queens Submit Assignment

If you do not click the Submit Assignment button, your answers will not be submitted. You will immediately be provided with your test results.

Math Placement Test Link


Do NOT use a mobile phone to access the exam. If you are having difficulties, try using a different web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

For technical difficulties, please contact Queens College GSSP Student Support Team:

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you soon!