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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) for current and future students, their families and educational advisors

What is the GSSP?

The Global Student Success Office

The Global Student Success Office is committed to supporting your journey at Queens College from your initial application through to graduation. The office assists with many aspects of your student life, including expediting your admission process, offering orientation programs as you transition to the American classroom, and providing academic and social experiences scheduled throughout the year. Whether you are required to participate in the Undergraduate Global Student Success Program, a study in the English Language Institute or enroll through General Admission, you will have access to service and support provided by the Global Student Success Office.

Undergraduate Global Student Success Program

Designed by academic experts, the Queens College Global Student Success Program is a required first-year experience program covering all aspects of your new living and learning environment in the United States. As a Queens College student from day one, you will enjoy the added benefits of small classes where you will receive more personalized attention, access to academic advisors and tutoring, as well as opportunities to connect with other international and American students through a variety of social activities, student clubs and organizations.


Program Structure:

The table below is a sample program structure for the Undergraduate Global Student Success Program. The program has been designed to ensure that students completing this program make satisfactory progress with their studies at Queens College and to declare the major of their choice.*More information about the majors available can be found on the Programs pages

Semester 1 Semester 2
QNS 100 Navigating Your Path to Success QNS 101 Queens Community (3cr)

ENGL 110 College Writing 1 (3cr)


ENGL 115 Topics in Writing (1cr)

ENGL 130 Writing About Literature in English (3cr)

MATH 115 College Algebra for

Precalculus (3cr)

ASTR 2 General Astronomy with Laboratory (4cr)
ECON 101 Intro to Macroeconomics (3cr) ECON 102 Intro to Microeconomics (3cr)
DRAM 100 Introduction to Acting (3cr) FNES 163 General Nutrition (3cr)
*Refer to the Programs pages, the Queens College Bulletin or ask your GSSP advisor for further information about declaring majors, required GPAs and courses. Above is a sample program structure only and is subject to change without notice. Students are required to maintain good academic standing and achieve a 2.0 GPA in credit courses to progress to second-year studies.