2022/23 Estimated Cost of Attendance


  General Admission - 2 Semesters GSSP and Mixed GSSP - 3 Semesters
Annual Tuition* $17,980 $17,980
Mandatory Student Fees - $303.85 per semester $608 $912
Health Insurance - 12 month coverage (mandatory for GSSP and Mixed GSSP students) $768 $768
TOTAL ESTIMATED COST $19,356 $19,660

*Tuition and fees are based on the estimated 2022-23 rates for 29 credit hours annually, your specific program may differ. Students will be charged per credit. Tuition and fees typically increase between 3-5% annually each Fall semester. Tuition, fees and all charges are subject to change without notice. Medical insurance is strongly recommended; however, it is mandatory for GSSP and Mixed GSSP student.

*Based on the result of the math placement test, students may enroll in 30 credits during the course of their program.

*On-campus housing is optional for students. Housing fees start at $5,847 per semester based on double occupancy in a 2-bedroom suite. For more details, please see more at accommodation page.

*Students will be enrolled in the mandatory GSSP health insurance during the first week of classes. Depending on arrival date, students may want to purchase travel insurance in the event of health needs between their arrival and the beginning of the semester.

Payment Options

We offer a variety of fee and tuition payment options