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Data Science & Statistics


Data science is an interdisciplinary field that combines technical tools from mathematics and computer science with critical thinking skills from economics and sociology. Data analysis can be found in every corner of today’s world, from technology to sports.

A Bachelor of Arts in Math with a concentration in Data Science and Statistics from Queens College offers career versatility thanks to its manifold applications. Its curriculum delivers a strong background in statistics, programming, data visualization, regression, mathematical modeling, machine learning and much more. Data science can be found in the vast majority of jobs in the 21st century; therefore, this track emphasizes computational and cross-disciplinary courses. Upon successful completion of this program, students are well prepared for careers in data science in any domain, as well as for further study at the graduate level.

Required Coursework Focuses On:

  • core mathematics
  • basic statistics
  • high-level theoretical statistics
  • computer programming fundamentals
  • regression and predictive modeling
  • practical modeling

Five electives allow students to specialize in emerging areas of data science, such as data engineering, visualization or machine learning.

World-Class Faculty

As one of the biggest departments at Queens College, the Mathematics Department serves approximately 4,000 students each semester. Classes are small in size, allowing professors to provide personalized education to students at all levels. Many of the faculty members have received teaching awards and are excellent researchers with international reputations.

Internship Opportunities

Queens College Mathematics students have found internships at NASA and employment at Amazon working with Alexa’s machine learning capability.

Career Options

  • biostatistician
  • business intelligence specialist
  • cartographer
  • climatologist
  • computer security analyst
  • data analyst
  • data engineer
  • data journalist
  • data visualization developer
  • database manager
  • financial analyst
  • machine learning engineer
  • market analyst
  • policy analyst
  • research coordinator
  • sports analyst
  • social network analyst
  • survey researcher

Global Student Success Program

Queens College Global Student Success Program (GSSP) is a required first-year experience program designed by academic experts covering all aspects of your new living and learning environment in the U.S. As a Queens College student from day one you will enjoy the added benefits of smaller classes where you will receive more personalized attention and access to academic advisors and tutoring as well as opportunities to connect with other international and American students through a variety of social activities, student clubs and organizations.

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