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Accommodation & Dining

Queens College of The City University of New York is located in one of the most culturally diverse parts of New York City, and students experience a strong sense of community living in our beautiful apartment-style residence – The Summit Apartments.

Conveniently located on the beautiful Queens College campus between the library and the gymnasium, The Summit offers apartment-style housing with single bedrooms or shared bedrooms. The Summit also has a fitness center, private rehearsal spaces, laundry facilities, cable TV, Wi-Fi, Residence Life Cinema (offering 150 movie titles per month) and more. The Courtesy Desk is staffed 24 hours a day for your convenience.

There’s always something going on at The Summit including our first-night block party, spring carnival, movie nights, pool parties at the gym and Resident Appreciation Wednesdays. If you choose to explore what lies outside of our campus, Queen College shuttle service offers transportation to major transit hubs with access to all of New York City — Manhattan is approximately 16 kilometers away.

Follow the steps below to secure your on-campus housing:

  1. Complete the Summit Housing Application. Here is a tutorial to help you submit your application (PDF).
  2. Sign your Housing License. Once your application is processed you will receive an email from HELLOSIGN/The Summit to the email address you listed on your housing application. Here is a tutorial to help you sign your license (PDF).
  3. Roommates & Move-in Guide. You will receive additional emails from The Summit with information about your placement, roommates and move-in guide over the coming weeks.

*Note that when you sign your housing license, this creates a binding contract between yourself and the Summit. You have 48 hours to cancel your license after signing it, and after 48 hours if you wish to live elsewhere and cancel your lease, you are subject to all fees including full payment for the semester. Make sure to thoroughly and carefully review all areas of the housing license, and ensure that you definitely want to live in the Summit before submitting your housing license.

Additionally, licenses signed in Fall semesters typically include the full academic year, with both the Fall AND Spring semesters. Only sign the license if you are sure this is what you want. Licenses signed in Spring semesters are valid for the Spring semester, unless otherwise noted.

Off-Campus Housing

Short-Term Stays – If You Arrive Prior to Your Move-in Date:


Strongly recommended for students under the age of 18. Living with a homestay family is a chance for students to learn about American culture, improve their English skills and have a family to be around.

Private Rental

Apartment rentals for students aged 18+

Campus Dining

Queens College’s dining options include vegan, vegetarian, Kosher and Halal offerings and a dining hall with a wide-range of food options. A variety of meal plans are available to suit all students’ needs.

Housing Q&A

Leasing and Agreements

What is a lease or a license?

A lease, or a license, is a legally binding document that outlines the terms of a housing agreement. This includes the cost, penalties for breaking or changing the agreement, expectations for the landlord, and expectations and rules for the person living there.

How long does a lease last?

It depends on the place you are renting! The most common lease is for 12 months, but some may be longer or shorter, depending on the location and expectations. You should always review carefully to ensure you know the precise dates for your leasing agreement.

What happens if I sign a lease and change my mind?

You should avoid this at all costs. Once you’ve signed a lease/license, you are now obligated to follow the terms of it, regardless of circumstance. Some leases may require you to pay the full amount no matter when you leave or why; others may require you to locate someone to take over your lease (and you pay the full amount until they are located), or various other penalties. If you’re not sure that the place is for you, don’t sign the lease until you are!

What sort of housing has leases or licenses?

Most apartments, housing, or on-campus residences require a license or lease of some kind. This is a good thing! It outlines exactly what your responsibilities are as the person living in the residence, and tells you precisely what you can expect from your landlord/leasing company. It also confirms who is responsible for what – for example, if you sign a lease with another person, you want to know exactly who is responsible for the rent if one of you moves out.

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