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What to Pack

You’ll need to label your luggage, pack all necessary belongings and bring along important documents including your completed immunization forms, medical records, prescriptions, academic transcripts, your financial documentation, I-20 and your passport.

Weather in New York changes significantly, with four different seasons each year. Summer weather (May – September) can be hot and humid, and the winter months (November – March) can be very cold. It’s important that you know what weather to expect when arriving in Queens so that you can pack the right clothes!


The four distinct seasons require a variety of clothing, including warm clothing for the winter. The dress code on campus is generally informal, and most students wear casual clothing to classes. However, students are advised to have clothing appropriate for professional and special social functions that may arise.

Suggested Items

Avoid bringing excess items that can be purchased once you arrive and appliances that cannot be used with the U.S. current (110V). Listed below are items students suggest you bring because of expenses in the U.S. and for convenience:

  • Extra eyeglasses or contact lenses & fluid
  • Traditional or special medicines, packaged and wrapped – medicines you need should be in your carry-on luggage in case your luggage is lost. All fluids over 3 oz. should be in your large luggage and checked in.
  • Photos, slides, maps, flags, artifacts, clothing typical of your country that can be used to share your culture with other students.
  • Medical history from your home country physician (translated into English).

You will need bedding and personal items, but it is best to purchase them after you arrive, as bed and pillow sizes vary by country and these items take up lots of space.

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