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Medical Coverage

Immunizations, Medical Records and Health Insurance

All Queens College students are required to submit immunization records.

Please print the immunization record forms (PDF) and have a physician in your home country complete the information in English. These forms must be submitted to Queens College GSSP before you come to the U.S.

Health Insurance

With the exception of General Admission Students, all GSSP students are required to purchase health insurance. Health Insurance provides financial protection in the event of serious illness or accident while studying in the U.S. Medical care in the U.S. is expensive, and you must have health insurance to help with these costs. The Queens College GSSP strongly recommends that all international students purchase health insurance.

View our mandatory health insurance policy. Please note that students will be enrolled in the health insurance plan during the first week of classes. Depending on their arrival date, students may want to consider purchasing travel health insurance to cover the gap between arrival and the beginning of classes to use in the event of an emergency or illness. Mandatory coverage is for twelve months following initial enrollment.

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