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Photography & Imaging


The Queens College Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Photography & Imaging will prepare students in their pursuit of careers or advanced degrees in fine art, applied photography and digital imaging. The curriculum incorporates the latest 2D and 3D technologies for capturing and outputting images. Students will be able to choose among a variety of courses in the practice of photography, including classes in traditional/analog and alternative processes, digital, 2D and 3D scanning and printing, theory, history and critical thinking.

Students will graduate with a portfolio that can be used to seek or further their careers in the field or apply to graduate school. Graduates of the program could be considered for positions as photo editors and researchers, as well as jobs in the fields of photojournalism, studio portrait and product photography, architecture and/or fine art photography, commercial and industrial photography, scientific photography, travel and lifestyle photography, as a photo retoucher, scanning technician, 3D imaging or digital archivist.


Queens College provides a variety of workspaces and studios for students to develop their craft, including:

  • painting and drawing classrooms equipped with easels and taborets
  • Mac labs
  • printmaking studio
  • general 3D media classrooms
  • ceramics studio with throwing wheels, wood- and gas-firing kilns
  • photography studio with wet lab and darkrooms
  • woodshop with a variety of saws. sanders and drills
  • metalshop with welders, grinders and plasma cutters
  • foundry for casting and pouring bronze and other metals
  • private and small-group studios

Tech Incubator at Queens College

Queens College has its very own tech incubator (TIQC) where students can explore new business ideas and connect with entrepreneurs and investors. Regular events provide an opportunity to learn about various topics at the intersection of design, technology and business which have recently included Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs, Introduction to Visual Storytelling and Human Centered Design. TIQC also hosts Pitchfest, a yearly competition which brings together New York City’s best and brightest entrepreneurs to compete for seed investments of up to USD $7,500.

Interdisciplinary Experiences

Queens College design and arts students are encouraged to participate in interdisciplinary opportunities to improve their skills working with a variety of media and across a range of fields. Recent opportunities for interdisciplinary experience have included a climate change poster contest and as designers for hack-a-thon teams.

Global Student Success Program

Queens College Global Student Success Program (GSSP) is a required first-year experience program designed by academic experts covering all aspects of your new living and learning environment in the U.S.. As a Queens College student from day one you will enjoy the added benefits of smaller classes where you will receive more personalized attention and access to academic advisors and tutoring as well as opportunities to connect with other international and American students through a variety of social activities, student clubs and organizations.

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