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GSSP Academic Policies

Queens College GSSP takes its commitment to ensuring that capable and prepared students are successful.  All Queens College students, including GSSP students, are expected to follow the City University of New York (CUNY) student policies and procedures. In addition, GSSP students are also obliged to follow additional support policies to help ensure student success.

CUNY Academic Integrity

Academic dishonesty is prohibited at Queens College. Students are expected to follow the CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity. Penalties for academic dishonesty include academic sanctions, such as failing or grade reduction, and/or disciplinary sanctions, including suspension or expulsion.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is an important element of a student’s success, therefore, attendance at all classes is compulsory. Students who miss consecutive classes will be contacted by the GSSP Student Success team. Student enrolment may be cancelled in the event that a student does not respond to attendance warnings. Students are required to have regular attendance in all classes. Students who do not attend class may have their studies cancelled.

Cancellation of Enrollment

GSSP may cancel the enrollment of any student

  • who has gained admission to Queens College GSSP by misrepresentation, by falsification of documents or by other fraudulent means, or
  • who has failed to fulfill the normal requirements for admission or enrollment, or
  • for any act of grave misconduct associated with the Queens College GSSP, or Queens College directly

Read CUNY’s policy on fraudulent documents (PDF).

Co/Pre-Requisite Policy

The following subjects have pre-requisites:

Grade Replacement Policy/Course Repeat Policy

Students who have received a “F” grade in a course (F, FIN, WF or WU) may be eligible to use the “F” grade replacement policy. Not all courses are eligible, courses that are repeatable for credit do not apply towards the policy.

Students must achieve a “C” grade or better for the grade replacement policy to apply. The initial grade of F will no longer be computed into the grade point average but will remain on the transcript. No more than 16 credits can be deleted from the grade point average.

If students have over 16 credits, then both the new and old grades will be averaged for their GPA. This is the same for students who repeat courses for which they received a passing grade.

Please refer to CUNY’s Grade Replacement Policy for more information.

QNS 100 Course Repeat Policy

QNS 100 – Navigating Your Path to Success is a mandatory course in the Global Student Support Program to ensure academic success and a smooth transition to studying in college. Students who fail the course are required to repeat the course and pay a $500 fee for the course. Students who do not obtain a passing grade may not be permitted to continue with the GSSP or progress to Queens College.

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