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Risk Management (MS)


Study Risk Management in New York City, the world’s financial center, and live and learn surrounded by Wall Street, the United Nations and many Fortune 500 companies. You will graduate with unrivaled experience and connections, at the front of the pack.

Leverage your interest in finance with a master’s degree in Risk Management, a field with rapidly growing career possibilities on Wall Street and across every sector. Risk Management is not just about insurance and derivatives—it’s a field that is increasingly vital for any business that hopes to control exposure and make strategic decisions about what risks to assume. Queens College master’s degrees in Risk Management will help you acquire those skills as you explore how risk creates opportunities for profit and growth—and also how it creates the potential for losses and intangible costs. These programs are for highly motivated individuals with strong communication and analytical backgrounds who want to advance their careers or gain a foothold in the fast-growing area of risk management within corporate and financial organizations.

Areas of Concentration

An MS in Risk Management takes 30 credits to complete (if a student has met all prerequisites). Students choose one of three areas of concentration. Each concentration is designed to strengthen your core skill sets while broadening your reach across disciplines.

Finance Concentration (STEM designated)
Develops the finance practitioner’s knowledge of financial, statistical, and analytical tools to identify, quantify, and mitigate a variety of risk types, and an understanding of GAAP and IFRS accounting rules and the regulatory environment – excellent preparation for the series of CFA exams.

Accounting Concentration
Strengthens the accountant’s ability to identify, measure, and manage risk across businesses, specific transactions, and assets and liabilities – satisfies the New York State CPA 150/30 credit requirement for CPA licensure.

Actuarial Studies Concentration (STEM designated)
Prepares students to become actuaries and enhances the student’s financial, accounting, risk measurement, and financial modeling expertise. Curriculum is aligned with many of the industry’s core actuarial exams.

Why pursue Risk Management at Queens College?

  • Study with internationally respected and academically diverse faculty members who are active as both practitioners and academic researchers.
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities, enrichment programs, and a dedicated career counselor.
  • Gain exposure to leading-edge software and tools, like: Bloomberg, Moody’s iESG, VBA, R, and Python programming.
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